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“[If] you have, as performers will call it, ‘f--k you’ money,” Johnny Carson once said, “all that means is that I don’t have to do what I don’t want to do.” Having f--k you money is the logical extreme of a certain conception of American freedom: complete ownership over yourself and your time.The freedom to retire at any time is a far more flexible proposition than owning your own business.The American Dream is traditionally defined by a climb up the socioeconomic ladder to a comfortable middle-class life: a small business built from scratch, a house in the suburbs, a two-car garage, and the first generation of college-educated kids.But another type of American Dream has now developed: The freedom to upturn your desk, give your boss the finger, and retire on the spot—without making a lifestyle sacrifice, of course.

A concern was raised that, without a clear mandate, the website would “continue to be a great desktop version, and a much poorer version of the app.”As the front end lead, that stung. However, the comment came as a response to a mini-moan that it’d taken me a couple hours to get an input field to stick to the bottom of the page and still be tappable in mobile Safari. It was an indictment that I haven’t yet changed perceptions about the capabilities of the mobile web.Clarks is a legendary 24-hour bakery that's open seven days a week, and dispenses essential post-pub delights like this insane combination: a delicious combination of burger, lorne sausage, bacon, fried egg, and chips in a bun. Dundee's getting its very own branch of the V&A museum soon, on the waterfront, designed by famous architect Kengo Kuma. They even do a marmalade with champagne in it, which is probably what Jay-Z has for breakfast. The HMS Unicorn is the last intact warship from the 1800s, and one of the six oldest ships in the world.This add-on stops websites from blocking copy and paste actions for password fields and other input fields.Stop websites from fucking with Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V by downloading this add-on.Most social networks have mobile browser based versions.