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Updating arp table

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Outside of the classroom and interview environments, the OSI model network layers boil down mainly to layers 2, 3, and 7.The number of times I've encountered the other layers in the real world over the last several decades amounts to only a handful. Layer 2 is the level that lower-end switches operate at, and is all about the MAC addresses.Address Resolution Protocol is the one which is used to find the hardware address of a device (MAC Address) using its IP Address on the network.The Windows ARP tool helps to display and modify the ARP table on the system.

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Network Applications at the Application Layer use IPv4 Address to communicate with another device.

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Hardware Type field in the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) Message specifies the type of hardware used for the local network transmitting the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) message.

Ethernet is the common Hardware Type and he value for Ethernet is 1. The protocol address (IPv4 Address) of the intended receiver.