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It pushes back the date of earliest settlement of the area approximately 5,000 years.

Updating dd wrt

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I'd like to be able to access plex in my own home as and have it show as nearby, instead of Remote.

I've already tried adding the line of code to my DNSMasq setting - rebind-domain-ok=/plex.direct/ - but when I do that, it knocks my entire internet DNS offline (i.e.

Connect to the DD-WRT router using either an Ethernet cable, or by joining the wireless network ‘dd-wrt’. Uncheck all three checkboxes for „Use DNSMasq for DHCP”, „Use DNSMasq for DNS” and „DHCP-Authoritative” and enter 2.222 and 2.220, and into „Static DNS 1” , „Static DNS 2” , „Static DNS 3”, „Static DNS 4” textbox as seen on the screenshot.

Open a web browser, and load the following address: Note, set your network connection to obtain IP address automatically if you connect to your router via Ethernet. Software version that has been tested to work on VPN servers is DD-WRT newer build.

I can only go to sites that are in my browser's local cache, no new ones).

My other DD-WRT settings for DNSMasq are DNSMasq - Enabled Local DNS - Enabled No DNS Rebind - Enabled And like I said, if I add that rebind-domain-ok option to the textbox below, it knocks out the entire DNS system apparently.

Ten years later, Belkin bought Linksys and Belkin began bringing open-source firmware back to the Linksys line.

(Find all our vpn servers list here.) • Enter Port number. (We suggest you to use UDP for better speed) • Set the Encryption Cipher to Blowfish CBC.

Linksys has a long history of supporting alternative firmware going back to the famous mid-90s Linksys WRT54G.

After Cisco bought Linksys in 2003, however, Cisco removed Linux firmware support from its new devices.

Builds or versions other than v24-sp2 (12/22/14) may have bugs preventing Open VPN connections.

Click on „Security” then „Firewall” and set „SPI Firewall” to „Disable” and click „Apply settings” button to save.